Resources for the Everything DiSC®
Suite of Applications

Everything DiSC® isn’t “just DiSC”, as you can see from the extensive resources available below. This 4th-generation DiSC product has applications specific to the Workplace but also Sales, Management, Conflict and Leadership, including a multi-rater 360.

Sample reports are available below. For detailed information, visit .


Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification is available through online and in-person channels. While not required for administering assessments and conducting training, getting certified demonstrates your knowledge and dedication.

Everything DiSC Profile Reports

These reports are full-color, personalized DiSC Profile Reports for the Everything DiSC series of products. For general or personal use, the Workplace Profile is recommended. The other other DiSC Profiles are directed toward specific applications. See the Everything DiSC Brochure .

Everything DiSC Cross-Profile Group Reports

There are several reports that can be generated for a group of DiSC respondents, regardless of the specific assessment they completed. This is made possible because the basic assessment questions are the same across each Everything DiSC® profile. For example, if a manager completed the Management assessment but the sales staff completed the Sales assessment, a group report run on the sales staff can still include the manager.

Note: A Corporate (EPIC) Account is required in order to access this set of reports.

Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit Brochures

A facilitation kit (a complete meeting in a box) is available to accompany most of our assessments. The kits include customizable MS Word andPowerPoint files, contemporary videos, handouts and activities.

Resources for the Everything DiSC® Suite of Applications